Meet Hillary, Founder of The Creative Raccoon

Hello, I'm Hillary, Founder of The Creative Raccoon, but more importantly a mom, a grandmother and a raccoon lover. 

I started The Creative Raccoon 14 years ago. I had a huge desire to be able to help provide for my family. We were struggling after I was laid off and unable to find work making what I was making before the layoff. Needless to say, I applied for many lower paying jobs to help out. I was overqualified for all of them, and I had call back rights if and when they brought employees back, I would get my job back. Working at a big aircraft plant and having call back rights is not something a new employer wants in an employee. 

In the beginning of The Creative Raccoon, I made diaper bags, bibs, burp cloths, wash cloths and baby blankets. In 2013 I started making crib bedding sets and quilts. I have slowly been adding new handmade baby, children and mom items to my shop.

I will be adding embroidered kids shirts to the shop this year. I've been making shirts for my grandkids and friends for a year.

On Etsy: The Creative Raccoon sells some of the same stuff as on my website. TCR Company sells the kids shirts and other personalized items. TCR Supplies sells fabric and crafts supplies & TCR Blanks my newest addition will be selling blank items to embroider on, sublimation, and HTV. (Examples: Baby clothes, kids shirts, bags, etc.)

Through the last 11 years, my wonderful and encouraging customers have come to me with different requests. Because of all of my amazing customers my dream has come true, and The Creative Raccoon has become what you see now.

That once, part time, penny making business has turned into something much larger. It has been able to provide a full-time income for me.  It has also allowed my son to do extracurricular activities that I never would have dreamed possible 11 years ago. 

So, from the deepest part of me, I thank each and every one of you for making my dream come true and making The Creative Raccoon successful. 


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