Meet Hillary, Founder of The Creative Raccoon (Also known as TCR Supplies, TCR Blanks & TCR Company)

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Hello, I'm Hillary, Founder of The Creative Raccoon, but more importantly a mom, a grandmother and a raccoon lover.  I started the The Creative Raccoon 11 years ago. I had a huge desire to to be able to help provide for my family. We were struggling after I was laid off and unable to find work making what I was making before the lay off. Needless to say I applied for many lower paying jobs to help out. I was over qualified for all of them and I had call back rights if and when they brought employees back, I...

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The Back Side of Quilts from The Creative Raccoon

The front of your quilt purchased from The Creative Raccoon may be the most gorgeous and interesting to look at, but the BACK of your quilt will be what is right up against your skin. It may just be the back side of your quilt that is most important to you! Of course this Nerdy Fox Crib Baby Quilt is gorgeous to look at, but curious minds want to know what the back of the quilt looks like.  Or better yet.....Feels Like. So, here is a picture for you of the backside of the same quilt pictured above. The gray...

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Size Differences - Compare the Small, Medium & Large Quilts

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The awesome thing about handmade patchwork quilts is the comes in a variety of sizes! At The Creative Raccoon we have 3 quilt patterns. The first is the Small Quilt  The small quilt measures 30"x40" and comes available with 1 main fabric (example elephants) and 4 other colors of your choice. The main fabric with take up the squares in each row. It has a layer of cotton batting and minky on the back unless you specify you would like cotton on the back instead. This size can also be modified to make a custom car seat canopy. Or it...

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High Quality Fabrics - We Only Use the Best!

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Here at The Creative Raccoon we pride ourselves in using only the best of fabrics.  We want your special quilt to last so your little one can give the quilt to their special little one when they are all grown. We also want all the other items to last through the years and many babies, if its a baby item. If we use low quality fabrics, then your quilt won't last until your child's first birthday. Or your other items would fall a part after a few months. That would be a disgrace!  Don't you think? What You Won't Find In...

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Process of Purchasing Custom Bedding & Other items

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I often get the question of "Can I get this quilt, but I would like to change out a few of the colors/fabrics?  How will I know if I like it?" The answer is simple, I always email a picture of a custom quilt, rail cover, or car seat canopy, or whatever} before I sew it up. Or I can make you a mock up of some items so you can see before you purchase. Over the years {11 to be exact}, I have custom made many, many, many crib bedding, quilts, blankets, car seat canopies & many other items. ...

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