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The Creative Raccoon

Patchwork Elephant Embroidered Cubbies Teddy, Birth Stats Keepsake

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Cute patchwork Elephant embroidered Cubby stuffed animal. Cubbies will be embroidered on the Elephant's stomach. A "Cubby" is a 16" soft, plush animal with a removable stuffing pillow. The Elephant can be personalized with a birth announcement or another embroidery of your choice, child's name, celebrating a birthday, graduation, etc.

Please select an option from the drop down and include the following information in the notes to seller at checkout.

****Only 1 Patchwork Elephant stuffed animal is available. Needing more than 1?? Email me to see if I can order more. *******

Different fonts & different designs are available. These are just examples of things you can add to you elephant.

For Letter Applique/Name information needed: (1st letter of child's name will be in applique and child's first name will be embroidered over the letter.) example in pictures
- Child's first name

Baptism Block information needed: example in pictures
Cross optional
- Child's name 
- Date of Baptism

For Birth Stat information needed:

- Baby's Name
- Weight in pounds & ounces
- Time of birth and a.m. - p.m.
- Inches long
- Month, date and year born
- thread colors

I am happy to accept custom orders, let me know if you are wanting something different embroidered on the animal.