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The Creative Raccoon

Mermaid Scales Wet Dry Bags for Period Care, Menstrual Cup

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This Ombre Mermaid Wet Dry Bag Set is an optimal option for protecting cloth pads. Constructed with a water-resistant PUL covering and a sturdy cotton exterior, it includes a zippered closure and a hanging loop for portability. Its petite size is convenient for carrying in a handbag or rucksack, making it a great present for adolescent girls relying on cloth pads.


"Very cute and nicely made wet bag."


Wet Dry "Big" Bag

  • approximately 6" Wide x 8" High
  • it can hold up to 20-25 reusable pads in the large wet pocket and 10-15 in the front dry pocket.

Mini Wet bag

  • approximately 4.5" H x 5" W (has 1 pocket)
  • hold about 4 light to regular pads.

The Ombre Mermaid Wet Dry Bag is the perfect gift for any teenager girl. With its two-pocket design, it can hold up to 20-25 reusable pads in the large wet pocket and 10-15 in the front dry pocket. Its compact size makes it easy to transport, ensuring your teen has all their pads with them whenever they need them.

The Ombre Mermaid Wet Dry Bag measures 6" W x 8" H. Constructed with cotton fabric on the exterior and a waterproof PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) fabric lining, the bag prevents wicking through the two layers which have been sewn separately. An optional 6" handle is included which snaps open and closed for attachment to a backpack or other items. Please note that fabric colors may slightly vary based on individual monitor settings.


For Optimal Results, machine-wash with cold water and similar hues, avoiding bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble-dry on low setting and remove immediately. Refrain from ironing product tag, or outside fabric without putting a piece of cardboard in the pockets to prevent the PUL fabric from melting together.