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The Creative Raccoon

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt, T-Shirt Keepsake Quilt, Baby Loss Keepsake

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Transform your infant's outgrown wardrobe into a keepsake quilt for them to adore. This exquisite item is one of a kind. Submit your baby's garments and other items to me and I will create a spectacular quilt. This handcrafted baby memory quilt will be lovingly made to order. It can be difficult to part with your baby's outgrown wardrobe. I will take your little one's clothing items and produce a cozy and snuggly quilt or blanket that will last forever!

Free Shipping within the United States on your finished Memory Quilt

  • Use code MEMORYQUILT
  • Can only be used on the purchase of a memory quilt.

Outside of the United States or Canada send me a message for a quote of shipping and order a memory quilt.

Pick your favorites, mix and match clothing items and sizes. Sizes newborn to 5T. Each item with be cut into a 6.5" square for the quilt. I will use the front and backs of the items if possible. If you have bigger designs on your clothes and you are wanting the whole design, send me a message for a custom design quilt.

Sizes may vary, depending on the cuts and sizes of the items. The sizes given are an estimate only.

36 Items 36" x 36"
42 items 36" x 42"
49 items 42" x 42"
56 items 42" x 48"
64 items 48" x 48"
72 items 48" x 54"
81 items 54" x 54"
90 items 54" x 60"
100 items 60" x 60"

Please Do NOT cut your items!

Minky back colors available are Pink & Gray. If you are wanting a different color, send me a message to see if your color is available. An upcharge may apply for some colors.

Message me if you are wanting to use other fabrics in your quilt. I can also use boy, girl or neutral cottons, flannels and jersey knit fabrics, if you don't have enough items, or you are wanting to add other designs to your quilt.

Scraps and unused items will be recycled and not returned.

How it works

  • Once payment is complete and processed, you will be given my address to ship the clothing items to. Please ship via USPS, UPS or Fed Ex.
  • Pre-wash your items. Do not use fabric softener when washing. Please avoid items with holes and large spots/stains.
  • Gather the items you have selected and place them in damage free packaging. Example Ziploc Bags, Vacuum Sealed Bags, Grocery Bags.
  • Please include a piece of paper with our order #, email address you check regularly, and the name in the order. Please make sure the name matches the person who ordered.
  • Once I receive your items, I will begin the process of creating your keepsake quilt. The current turnaround time is 4-6 weeks depending on how many orders I have in front of yours.
  • Items must be shipped 7-10 days from purchase.
  • Make sure to check your email. I may send you emails with questions and status updates.

  • Baby Bodysuits
  • Sleepers & Pajamas
  • Swaddle Blankets
  • Swaddle Sacks
  • Toddler Clothing
  • Pants (size 6 months and up)
  • Sweatshirts
  • Simple Dresses
  • Overalls (NO thick denim items)
  • Some Burp Cloths (NO multi-layer) *Email me first to see if your item can be used. *
  • Other items *email me if to check if your item can be used.

  • Anything thin and see through, such as knit dresses
  • Mesh Items
  • Heavy Jeans
  • Leather
  • Overly poofy dresses with lots of layers
  • Down items
  • Blankets with heavy batting in the middle
  • Heavily beaded or sequins
  • Items with holes
  • Items with stains

The memory quilt pictured used clothing items 0-3 months to 4T. I also used the backs of the bodysuits, a quilt square, the patches on the knees of a pair of pants, a pocket from a pair of jeans and a variety of fabrics. I can also add HTV decals to the blank squares, as shown in the pictured quilt. Send me a message if you are wanting a custom quilt using these items.

The raccoon quilt pictured was made out of clothes collected during a couple's infertility journey to having a baby. They had a pregnancy loss and decided to have the baby clothes turned into a quilt they could cuddle and remember their baby in heaven. (I have permission to share this with you.)

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