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Size Differences - Compare the Small, Medium & Large Quilts

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The awesome thing about handmade patchwork quilts is the comes in a variety of sizes! At The Creative Raccoon we have 3 quilt patterns. The first is the Small Quilt  The small quilt measures 30"x40" and comes available with 1 main fabric (example elephants) and 4 other colors of your choice. The main fabric with take up the squares in each row. It has a layer of cotton batting and minky on the back unless you specify you would like cotton on the back instead. This size can also be modified to make a custom car seat canopy. Or it...

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Process of Purchasing Custom Bedding & Other items

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I often get the question of "Can I get this quilt, but I would like to change out a few of the colors/fabrics?  How will I know if I like it?" The answer is simple, I always email a picture of a custom quilt, rail cover, or car seat canopy, or whatever} before I sew it up. Or I can make you a mock up of some items so you can see before you purchase. Over the years {11 to be exact}, I have custom made many, many, many crib bedding, quilts, blankets, car seat canopies & many other items. ...

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